Meet Biff, Bertram, and Skiddle, mascots for the ATX furry community web page! Biff and Skiddle were the original mascots for Longhorn Furs, and when we expanded out to the rest of town we wanted to add someone for the rest of the town. Of course everyone knows about the Austin bats, but a grackle felt like a better fit for the vast technological sprawl of North Austin. We know, we’re missing a fox. Someday!


Meet the Mascots: Bertram

Bijou and Bertram, art by JasonMiller

Name: Bertram Avinar
Role: Silicon Hills Hipster
Species: Grackle (Great Tailed Grackle)
Gender&ct: Male
Look and Attitude: Dangerously alternative, casually contrived, lovingly ironic
Likes: Parking lots (why? We don’t know). Mustaches (difficult for a bird.) Thrift stores. Coffee shops (not Starbucks). IPOs, IPAs. Discovering restaurants.
One True Love: Used to be that amazing guy in the mirror, but things change, life’s full of surprises, and he totally discovered his daughter, Bijou, before she was popular.
You named her what?!: Bijou Zipporah Avinar. She’ll love it in 10 years.
Dark Secret: Unironically loves country music.
Little Known Fact: Parking lots are the next big scene. Hang out in them before they get taken over by the muggles!
Distinguishing Features: Has a range of mustaches on sticks for all occasions.

Meet the Mascots: Skiddle

Name: Skiddle
Real Name: Michael Burbary II
Role: Rainbow rights advocate, Campus Pride VP
Species: Squirrel (Albino)
Gender&ct: Male, cheerfully open-minded
Look and Attitude: FABULOUS. Also, more brightly colored plastic beads than the craft section at Hobby Lobby.
Likes: candy, other candy, energy drinks, 6th Street, flashing lights and deep bass, both chasing and avoiding the sun
What’s in the backpack: slightly more school-appropriate shirt, multiple “free samples” from energy drink give-away on the Drag
One True Love: …Answer cloudy, ask again later?
Dark Secret: Really, really working hard on an Associates and getting into UT’s math program.
Little Known Fact: Seeing him on campus is good luck!
Distinguishing Features: Silvered sunglasses, pink eyes

Meet the Mascots: Biff

Name: Biff
Role: Longhorn Furs token good student and sports fan
Species: Longhorn/Red Hawk Griffon
Gender&ct: Female, straight (please stop with the jokes)
Look and Attitude: Sturdy, serious, strong,
Likes: burnt orange, UT Sports (and to a degree, the sports of other, lesser, colleges.)
What’s in the backpack: books, basketball uniform, dad’s credit card
One True Love: 2017 Ford F-350, black, with “Eyes of Texas” horn.
Dark Secret: Mom went to A&M. Regularly orders Hello Kitty “Dazzle” scent for girls, please don’t tell anyone. Please.
Distinguishing Features: ….?

The Other Secret: Biff was the original mascot for the Longhorn Furries group. Sadly, student organizations aren’t allowed to mention Bevo in their materials, but he could have had a daughter…