Bijou and Bertram, art by JasonMiller

Name: Bertram Avinar
Role: Silicon Hills Hipster
Species: Grackle (Great Tailed Grackle)
Gender&ct: Male
Look and Attitude: Dangerously alternative, casually contrived, lovingly ironic
Likes: Parking lots (why? We don’t know). Mustaches (difficult for a bird.) Thrift stores. Coffee shops (not Starbucks). IPOs, IPAs. Discovering restaurants.
One True Love: Used to be that amazing guy in the mirror, but things change, life’s full of surprises, and he totally discovered his daughter, Bijou, before she was popular.
You named her what?!: Bijou Zipporah Avinar. She’ll love it in 10 years.
Dark Secret: Unironically loves country music.
Little Known Fact: Parking lots are the next big scene. Hang out in them before they get taken over by the muggles!
Distinguishing Features: Has a range of mustaches on sticks for all occasions.