There’s a few ways to reach out to the local furry community.

Austinfurs hosts a monthly picnic on the 3rd Saturday of each month, the Park Bark. There’s usually fun things to do afterward as well!

Are you on Facebook? Check out NARF, a friendly little community from Austin and all points surrounding!

Telegram is one of the big furry communication platforms right now. It’s a chat loaded with cute pictures and helpful features. The big ATX furry chat has 300 people, and there are a number of smaller communities for artists, gamers, and others. For folks who are just meeting us, we have a cosy greeting room chat where newbie questions are welcome. Come say hi!

It’s a bit “for historical purposes” now, but the old Faux Pass group on FurAffinity has some older events and information from a few years back. It’s still a good way to find some locals if you use FA.

Believe it or not, there are over 300 people in, around, and following the Austin furry community! Any one of these is a great way to meet the locals and join massive lintpile that is the ATX furs!

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a mobile/desktop chat and file transfer app. In the furry fandom, whatever your interest, there’s a Telegram group for it (over 1400 entries on the big list of furry Telegram groups!) With good security and lots of cute pictures, the fandom’s adopted it pretty heavily, and in Austin its our current message board and chat. The overall ATX chat can be a bit overwhelming, so we’d recommend you join our newbie chat first, and we’ll get you acquainted with Austin, share a few links and resources, and add you to the main chat!