Name: Skiddle
Real Name: Michael Burbary II
Role: Rainbow rights advocate, Campus Pride VP
Species: Squirrel (Albino)
Gender&ct: Male, cheerfully open-minded
Look and Attitude: FABULOUS. Also, more brightly colored plastic beads than the craft section at Hobby Lobby.
Likes: candy, other candy, energy drinks, 6th Street, flashing lights and deep bass, both chasing and avoiding the sun
What’s in the backpack: slightly more school-appropriate shirt, multiple “free samples” from energy drink give-away on the Drag
One True Love: …Answer cloudy, ask again later?
Dark Secret: Really, really working hard on an Associates and getting into UT’s math program.
Little Known Fact: Seeing him on campus is good luck!
Distinguishing Features: Silvered sunglasses, pink eyes