Name: Biff
Role: Longhorn Furs token good student and sports fan
Species: Longhorn/Red Hawk Griffon
Gender&ct: Female, straight (please stop with the jokes)
Look and Attitude: Sturdy, serious, strong,
Likes: burnt orange, UT Sports (and to a degree, the sports of other, lesser, colleges.)
What’s in the backpack: books, basketball uniform, dad’s credit card
One True Love: 2017 Ford F-350, black, with “Eyes of Texas” horn.
Dark Secret: Mom went to A&M. Regularly orders Hello Kitty “Dazzle” scent for girls, please don’t tell anyone. Please.
Distinguishing Features: ….?

The Other Secret: Biff was the original mascot for the Longhorn Furries group. Sadly, student organizations aren’t allowed to mention Bevo in their materials, but he could have had a daughter…