Hi, all!

austinfurs.com is a totally out-of-back-pocket project to help connect new furries to the local community. We may be able to commission art in the future, but for now, our very limited fundage is going to go to software and hosting upgrades (want to chip in? no complaints! Donate button at the right!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in helping out, here’s some of our artsy needs:

  • We’d love artwork of the three austinfurs mascots: Biff, Skiddle, and Bertram. This’ll help us flesh out the mascots a bit, they’re currently sketchy first-draft beasts.
  • General “furry austin” artwork! We’ll probably have photo galleries as their own separate thing.
  • Pieces made for specific pages: parent resources, pokefurs, austin artists, classifieds, FAQ, Austin Blog Posts…maybe these have the mascot characters (that’d be nice!) or maybe not 🙂
  • And at some point, we’ll need to create an austinfurs logo! This’ll probably be a more democratic process, with submissions and ideas and such.

Your help is so important to making this site fun and welcoming to new members of the community 🙂 Thanks again!