Thank you to everyone who joined the discussion for the Havencon/Austinfurs mini-micro-convention! We’re looking at nearly two days of booth at Austin’s own GLBT pan-fandom convention, according to the HavenCon schedule – from 2:00 Friday April 28 to 6:00 Sunday!

Right now the Lintspace (working title, promise) is a 10×20 area of the vendor space of the con, alongside the other organization spaces.

The weekend will be broken up into seven three-hour chunks of “gallery time” and six or seven mini-panel opportunities (and times to reorganize the art on the walls. These little blocks should be a nice amount of time for two artists to show off their work, and a couple of panel engagements will let us unpack some fun ideas with folks that may not want to face prime time 🙂

Schedule coming soon! We’ve got five artists who’ve expressed interest in mini-gallery time (“confirmed” is a strong word), and potential panels include an artist’s speed-sketch table, Greetings from the new San Antonio furry convention, game design, and a possible after-dark insider’s view of the adult toy manufacturing industry.

And, two panels Saturday afternoon/evening: the furry all-ages meetup and the furry after dark meetup!

What do we need to make this happen?

(I’m going to say “You!” and that’s true! But we also need…)

  • Tables: Two folding 6′ tables
  • Chairs: We’ll have two to start with, but if we could get up to eight, that’d be great for mini-panels and round tables.
  • Art dividers: We’re hoping to have either four or six panels for showing artwork – the usual “pegboard and frame” approach at many furry art rooms would work perfectly. If anyone has something like this on hand or has worked with building them, either would be appreciated!
  • TIME! If you’re willing to put in an hour of friendly-time to talk with parents and attendees, that’d be super!
  • Fundage! We could use a bit of money for the dividers, a few pieces of commissioned art, an extra pass, that sort of thing.
  • Sketch artwork of the three mascot characters doing Austin things and just being entertaining would be welcome! We can use it for rotating wallpaper, print pieces, etc.
  • Ideas! I have no idea what we’re doing for the two meetups 🙂 silly party games? Embarrassing fiction read-aloud?
  • YOU! (I did say it!) We’re at Havencon to spread the word about how awesome the Austin furries are–and that includes you! Got a skill? Want to run a round-table discussion? Have a fun business and want to put your name out there? Drop us a note!

And thank you to Rion, Skepa, Shane, Ramses, Buddy Gnoll, Tanuki, Red StudioRat, Kijik, Smuttymutt, Jason Miller, Havencon, Drummer and Furry Invasion San Antonio for your help and great enthusiasm! Hope we haven’t left anyone out!