The Austin Park and Bark is a family-friendly gathering in a public park. In general, it’d be great if our friends treated the space like the public area it is…so be cool. Don’t wear stuff that would make a mom with a six-year-old uncomfortable, keep Language to speaking volume, and if a park visitor, picnicker, or The Management asks you to tone it down, tone it down.

If this isn’t covered by “be cool,” don’t come messed up by chemicals or too much booze. And if it has to come up, anyone distributing drugs, chemicals, or alternative mood supplements will be ejected with prejudice and possibly a 911 call. Just don’t do it.

Food and drink: A good guideline for bringing food for a potluck is “bring enough for six people.” Please bring food, drinks, and munchies to share! So far as drink goes, the park has a “no glass bottles” rule.