Corbeau here. Austin’s furry community goes back years, to 2000 and before. In the earlier days, we had a regular meetup in Round Rock that attracted 20 or 30 people on a weekly basis, it was the hub of the community for maybe 6 or 8 years…a regular thing that furries could count on.

Greater Austin has over 200 furries, but somehow, we’re invisible, no-one knows how to find us! It’s true for long-time furries, and it’s double true for newbies and families interested in learning more about the community.

Let’s change that!

The Park and Bark is going to be a monthly event, a time to eat and play games and wear costumes (maybe not so much in July and August) but also a place to share community resources–the kind of “need a room, help with a job, let’s share rides to Fiesta” stuff that you can’t always find on line. And it’ll be a good time to connect and remember the human faces behind the on-line folks.

What are we going to do?

Food and fun! Potluck and silly park games.
Great Outdoors! Walnut Creek is a FANTASTIC park, with five swimming pools and a crazy number of trails. There’s lots of places to take photos and get lost!
Shout about things! Got a project coming up? Want to start a new meetup or have an all-invite party? Want to do a movie night after the picnic? We’ll find time for announcements.
Other stuff! How about a drum circle? Crazy furry geek junk swap meet? Public awoo? We’ll see what can happen 🙂
Go our separate ways (but together!) Austin’s the party capital of Texas, and that’s one of the reasons the meetup’s on Saturday evening. Maybe we can use this event to relaunch the furry dance night. Or maybe you want to get a crowd of people together to play “Zombie” in the woods, or go to the arcade, or catch a movie. We’ll shut down early enough to clean the park off and see what the city and the community’s up to that evening.

See you there!