We really don’t know how many furries there are in Austin! The number’s something over 125, with our friends in Round Rock, Cedar Park, and some of the suburbs a part of that number. Over the years, we’ve learned that open-invite with big public announcements don’t work so well, so we’ve generally adopted a “let’s meet up first and then give you the keys to the clubhouse” policy, but that does make it hard for new members of the community to connect.

Most of the active furries in the Austin area are in the suburbs to the north, in Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Round Rock, and the neighborhoods around Rutland and Parmer, with a fair number in the University of Texas campus area and scattered like tufts of stray fur around South Austin. We regularly have irregular meetups for board game nights, movies, house parties, dances, hikes, dinners, pokemon hunts, Pinballz parties, art projects, or…whatever! There’s at least one or two little meetups every week. Information about open-invitation events can be found on our calendar.

Most of the furries in Austin have taken to using Telegram for our messages and online/smartphone communication. Get the app and send us a message and we’ll introduce you to the community!