One of the challenges the ATX furry community faces — and really, a challenge for new furries, teens, and strangers to the community — is the problem of being easy to find and welcoming. There’s a HUGE furry community in Austin, but they bop all over the place and no-one can find them…and knowing which ones are age-appropriate for a younger fur? That’s challenging too.

Let’s try a thing. It’s not a NEW thing, Arlington has had a lot of success…let’s aim for a monthly gathering, open to all, in a public park. Want to have fun downtown? Sure, we’ll end early enough for that. Want to go to a meetup at a friend’s house afters? Absolutely. But here’s hoping that this can grow into a regular event to help connect Austin’s dozens of communities together, and open doors for new folks.

Check it out, it’s on meetup! That means it’s official 🙂 We’ll have the first picnic in June.

This Thursday, we’re going on a walk in the park to see the sights, see the sites, and plan out our first picnic. Join us in Pease Park by the picnic tables at 6:00, then we’ll head to dinner at Saps on 2222 and burnet around 7:30. See you then! If you can’t make it, consider logging into the Lintspace telegram chat and we’ll do our darndest to have the discussion there as well 🙂