Help us out!

Current needs:
Chocolate and candies for a candy bowl, colored pastel paper and art supplies for “free draw” space, and whimsical stuff for prizes for the meet-ups are all appreciated!

Overall the cost of the booth, supplies, art, and attendant materials has been about $1,100. Donors have paid for $550 of that, additional support to help defray costs would be deeply appreciated. The costs of all this little stuff really mounts up.

We’ll be staffing the booth for a half-day Friday, a full day Saturday, and a 3/4 day Sunday. Volunteers who can smile and say useful and informative things about furries to parents and confused visitors would be welcome. Must be able to smile 🙂

We could also really use some help during the furry adult meetup from 7-8 Friday and the all-ages meetup 3-4 Saturday!

Panelists and artists?
We still have slots for content and mini-art-shows, please see the schedule!

Small pictures for brochures and web presence are most welcome! In particular a “greetings from Austin” type picture is needed. We have a few mascot characters that might be useful starting points, or…just…have fun 🙂

Drop us a note if you can help!

Thank you to our donors:

SkepaFox, Jasonmiller, and Edgewise, for helping fund the Lintspace booth itself
Rionn, who’s funded several pieces of artwork for web and publications
Whines and Corbeau, who chipped in on the booth’s registration costs and booth wall and structure