This year, at HavenCon 2017 (April 28-30), Commander Susan Ivanova and Lieutenant Tasha Yar face a force unlike any they have ever dealt with before…


Seriously though! Furries have been front and center at HavenCon, Austin’s LGBTQ+ fantasy/gaming convention, since day one. This year, with the combined generosity of donors from the Austin furry community and HavenCon organizer Shane Brown, we’ll have a huge space in the Dealer’s Room to show off the talent and imagination of the Austin furry community!


TheĀ Lintspace is a double-sized booth, 20x10, which will feature: a rotating gallery of work by local furry artists; mini-panels and discussions in a reconfigurable space; flyers and handouts for parents, potential furries, and the unwary; and most importantly, friendly faces. And chocolate. We’re really hoping for chocolate.

In addition, we’ll be hosting an all-ages meetup to answer questions about the fandom and meet new people, and an after-dark meetup to raise more questions and scare them off. The circle of life continues!


The austinfurs project is meant to open a doorway for people looking to find out about the local furry community. ATX furries are diverse and spread out and difficult to find… is here to make us google-able and approachable, and HavenCon is a great place to launch!